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Best-in-class HVAC Repair at Mesquite, TX

Your HVAC unit is by far the most expensive system in your house. It is a very complex system. A malfunctioning HVAC system dampens your family’s mood and makes you feel uncomfortable. 

When your HVAC system encounters any problem, contact a reputed HVAC contractor to troubleshoot the problem. DVO Heating and Air Conditioning is the people’s choice for HVAC repair Mesquite, TX. Contact us for a quick solution to all your HVAC needs.

Some common problems with your Air Conditioning unit

Short cycling AC

If your AC is turning on and off in a short interval, it is short cycling. You might want to call a professional for repair.

AC doesn’t blow air

If your Ac doesn’t blow air and you can hear it running, it needs to be repaired. It is highly possible due to a tripped circuit breaker or a broken motor. If it isn’t the former, call for a professional right away.

Frozen air compressor

Your air compressor is the component that cools the air. If it is frozen or broken, you need to call an expert HVAC technician to repair or replace it.

Clogged drain

If your air conditioner drain is clogged due to debris, you might encounter water leaks. Call for an expert to get it cleaned.

Dirty air filter

As your AC continues working, the debris and dust from the air are collected by the air filter. It accumulates dirt over time. It’s recommended to replace your air filter once every 3-4 months.

AC won’t cool

If your AC is running and blowing air but isn’t cooling, you might need a repair. Contact your trusted HVAC technician to know the exact reason.

Some common problems with your heating unit

Fuel-like scent

As your furnace heats your house, it burns fuel. If you smell a fuel-like odor, call for a professional immediately.

Noisy system

Your heating system should work smoothly without any discernible noise. If you hear loud noises, call for repair immediately.

Different colored pilot light: 

Your pilot light must be blue colored. If you see a yellow-colored pilot light, it might be due to improper fuel utilization.

Uneven heat distribution

If your house isn’t evenly heated, call your trusted HVAC company to get it repaired.

Bad air quality 

If you frequently experience respiratory issues or your house feels humid or dusty, get your heating unit checked by a professional.

Some general problems with your HVAC system

Old unit

Generally, a well-maintained HVAC system lasts around 10-12 years. If your HVAC system is older than that, you might require repairs or maintenance at the start of the cooling season.

High Energy Bills

If you see a steep rise in your energy bills, get your HVAC checked by an expert technician. You might need a repair or a replacement depending on the problem.

Malfunctioning thermostat

 Your thermostat measures the temperature of your house. It turns on the AC or heating system to achieve your desired temperature. In the case of a broken thermostat, the temperature readings might be wrong.

HVAC repair is not supposed to be tiring and stressful. Get it done through a reputed HVAC company like DVO Heating and Air Conditioning for quality customer service. Our customers believe we are the best in heating Mesquite, TX, and the surrounding areas.


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