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AC Repair VS. AC Replacement In Mesquite, TX

AC Repair VS. AC Replacement In Mesquite, Forney, Balch Springs, TX, and Surrounding Areas

10 Signs It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your AC Unit

Texas is a state that is just as famous for its barbeque sauces as it is for its hot and arid weather. Throughout most of the year, the heat can be very intense. This is the core reason why AC units are a necessity in the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, there are occurrences when your air conditioning unit will require repair or even an entire replacement. Here are a few signs your AC unit may be in need of a repair or even replacement.

1.) The AC Unit is Constantly Making Loud Noises

Modern AC units are built to run smoothly while not being aggressively noisy. Although older models are louder due to their outdated technology, they should not be providing your home or business with unnecessary loud noises. If you believe your air conditioning unit has grown loud and intense over the years, it may require servicing from one of our technicians. Be sure to contact us if you hearing rattles, bangs, clinks, and other non-essential sounds coming from your AC unit.

2.) The Air Flow from the AC Unit Unacceptable

If your AC unit is producing air flow that is mediocre or even downright poor, it may be time to service your air conditioner. Usually,  poor air flow quality can be caused by something as simple as outdated filters, poor ventilation systems, and other internal problems. Be sure to have one of our HVAC Technician visit if changing the air filter does not increase the quality of the air flow provided by your AC unit.

3.) The Thermostat associated with Your AC Unit is Flat Out Wrong

Another sign that requires a visit from one of our HVAC Technicians is if the thermostat associated with your unit is producing an inaccurate reading.  This issue is common in older AC units or thermostats that may have been installed incorrectly. Be sure to have one of our technicians to take look at your AC unit as well as your thermostat to properly diagnose the cause behind the inaccurate readings.

4.) Your AC Unit is Constantly Blowing Warm Air

One sign that your air conditioning unit may need to be repaired is if it is consistently blowing warm air. Can you imagine turning on your air conditioning unit during those hot Texas days with the intention of cooling off your family or clients only to be greeted by a blast of warm air? There are a number of reasons that could cause an AC unit to provide unexpected warm air. This is an issue that surely requires a visit from one of our HVAC Technicians immediately.

5.) The AC Unit is Producing Horrible Odors

Have you noticed an uptick in funky smells regarding your air conditioning unit? This could be at the site of the AC unit or ventilation systems whether the unit is operating or not. Air conditioning units are not designed to produce any undesirable odors whatsoever. This could be due to leakage or foreign objects lodged within your AC Unit. If your air conditioning unit doesn’t smell right, please contact one of our HVAC Technicians so we can assist you.

6.) The Air Conditioner Unit Requires too many Repairs too Often

If you find yourself scheduling services regarding your AC unit more than your neighbors, then you may have a problem beyond repair. Most HVAC Techs like to thoroughly service the AC unit to minimize return trips regarding the same issues. Unfortunately, if this has been the case for your air conditioning unit, it may be time to replace the entire unit. Be sure to schedule a visit from one of our HVAC Technicians so we can properly diagnose if a new AC unit is required. At DVO Heating and Air Conditioning, We offer AC repair in Mesquite, TX at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

7.) The Age of Your AC UnitAC Repair VS. AC Replacement In Mesquite, Forney, Balch Springs, TX, and Surrounding Areas

One of the biggest indicators that your air conditioning unit needs to be repaired or even replaced lies within its age. Similar to all technology, wear and tear can have an AC unit run its course after approximately 10-12 years of use. AC tune-ups and regular maintenance can extend the life of your unit, but for some, it may be too late to salvage their unit. To properly identify the age of your AC unit, be sure to contact one of our HVAC Technicians.

8.) The Air Conditioning Unit is causing a Minor or Major Leak

If you have noticed a minor or major leak near the site of your AC unit or ventilation systems, it is definitely time to serve your air conditioning unit. Leaking AC units are not common aside from natural condensation. In fact, it may be time to replace the entire unit. Some fluids are considered hazardous and should be addressed immediately. To avoid any further damage to your home or business, be sure to contact one of our HVAC Technicians. If you are looking for AC replacement Mesquite, TX then you can contact DVO Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

9.) A Ridiculous Amount of Humidity within Your Home

Another symptom of a faulty air conditioning unit revolves around increased levels of humidity. There is a single AC unit designed to provide increased levels of humidity within the home as it is counterproductive. Sometimes, an AC unit can condensate, which is normal. Other times, it can be a mechanical issue producing overwhelming amounts of humidity within your home or business. If this is something you have notices, please contact one of our HVAC Techs immediately.

10.) The Electric Bill has gotten out of Hand

If you have noticed a massive surge in your energy usage via your electric bill and cannot confirm why, it is probably your AC unit. Currently, citizens are doing everything in their power to reduce their carbon footprint and conserve energy as well as money. Moreover, most modern models of AC units come standard with an energy-saving mode.  A malfunctioning or overworking AC unit may be the culprit to your increased monthly wattage and electric bill. Your AC unit may be in need of re-calibration. Be sure to contact one of our HVAC Techs to ensure you are saving money on your electricity bill.

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